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The fne name derives from the initials of Francis Nnamdi Elekwachi who founded the firm in 2004. Our firm grew its tap roots from the community legal services industry in Adelaide, South Australia a in which our founder practiced for many years. Understandably our service philosophy and policies are driven by a mix of access-to-justice and sustainable profitability objectives. We believe that from service, comes success!

We are a general practice law firm offering legal services in all the general areas of Civil Law; Criminal Law; Family Law; Wills & Estate; General Law; Commercial & Business Law; Migration Law; Litigation and Legal Information Products.

Our specialty at fne lawyers is to provide legal services and representation to individuals and organizations , who on account of either low income or asset base, or by reason of public policy, are ineligible for legal aid or assistance by community legal centers, and who ordinarily, may be unable to afford, or otherwise would have considerable difficulty affording private legal representation on traditional terms and conditions. We also do legal aid work as well as provide legal services to the general public on traditional full fee paying terms and conditions.

Availability of legal aid to the unemployed and low income earners is limited by strict eligibility considerations of means test and public policy. The same is true of community legal help. For example, there are asset and income limits which must be met by applicants seeking legal aid or community legal assistance, and further, as a matter of public policy, hardly any public funding or assistance is available at all in such areas as traffic offences. As a result, a significant section of the population in the low-to-middle-income/asset-owning category, often find themselves without public funded legal representation.

Except in such areas as compensation law or similar areas where contingency fee arrangements are traditionally available, generally most private law firms provide services on the basis of traditional commercial terms and conditions which require upfront payment of substantial sums of money into solicitors’ trust accounts. Low-to-middle-income/asset-owning individuals and organizations often find themselves without legal representation as a result of their inability to afford substantial lump sum amounts for such upfront payment.

Fne lawyers targets its legal services at this segment of the population that would otherwise go without legal representation. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality flexible services to our clients on other than traditional terms and conditions which are flexible, convenient and sustainable for our clients and our firm.

We launched our internet-based DOITYOURSELFCLAIMS™ range of products in 2006, which provides our clients access to affordable do-it-yourself particulars of claim in the areas of motor vehicle accident property damage claims, parenting consent orders, property settlement consent orders, general minor/small claims in the areas of contracts, personal property, debt and general claims. Our clients are by this service able to browse for and purchase similar fact particulars templates and do their own particulars of claim or their own consent orders in family law matters at affordable costs. Our clients are now able to view various motor vehicle accident scenarios and to obtain probable liability information which suite their own facts and circumstances.

We are continuing to investigate and implement new methods of delivering our services to as many citizens as possible who otherwise would not afford access to justice.


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