At fne lawyers our service philosophy and policies are driven by a mix of access-to-justice and sustainable profitability objectives. We believe that from service, comes success!

Our specialty at fne lawyers is to provide legal services and representation to individuals and organizations , who on account of either low income or asset base, or by reason of public policy, are ineligible for legal aid or assistance by community legal centers, and who ordinarily, may be unable to afford, or otherwise would have considerable difficulty affording private legal representation on traditional terms and conditions. We also do legal aid work as well as provide legal services to the general public on traditional full fee paying terms and conditions.

If you find that you missed out on legal aid or assistance by community legal centers, and you thought you couldn'’t afford private legal representation, think again. Here is how fne lawyers can assist:

  • We provide no obligation free first interview and advice *
  • We provide pro bono discounts to eligible clients of up to 50% off our fees *
  • We offer flexible payment terms and conditions *
  • For eligible clients in eligible matters, we offer deferred payment or no up front fee arrangements *
  • We are open 9-5 Mondays to Fridays and operate a 7 Days/24 Hours service, including after hours/weekends/public holidays *

We provide legal services in all areas of:

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Wills & Estate
  • General Law
  • Commercial & Business Law
  • Migration Law Litigation
  • Litigation
  • Legal Information Products

* by appointments only & conditions apply

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International: + 618 82271936




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